Password Security

September 27, 2018

Utilizing Strong Passwords

Utilizing strong passwords has become the most important technique used to protect your personal information. Today, passwords are used almost everywhere in the online world and if your are not already, you should become familiar with how to best create a strong password.

A password creates a barrier between your information and the those who would like to fraudulently access your information. Hackers today have become sophisticated and the tools they use are incredibly powerful. They utilize automated robots or “bots” programmed to perform multiple “brute force” attacks in an attempt to gain access through a weak password structure. Throughout the world, these robots work tirelessly around the clock, successfully gaining fraudulent access to thousands of websites every day.

Hackers are primarily seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in your website for their own gain. They may be able to utilize your bandwidth; steal your content; redirect visitors to another site; create malicious links; send spam emails; acquire personal information and more for their own financial gain.

Password Tips

To help lock out the hackers, here are a few Password Security Tips that you may find useful.
1. Use a password that is at least 12 digits in length (or more).
2. Do not use any word from a dictionary.
3. Do not use family or pet names.
4. Do not use: your birth date; phone number; postal code; sequential numbers
5. Do not use the same or similar passwords for multiple sites.
6. Do not use sequential numbers or keyboard letters such as “123456” or “qwerty”
7. In your password always use a combination of numbers, symbols and both upper and lower case letters.
8. Consider changing your password every 3 months.